Custard with Raspberries

Masterchef Brian Mellor makes White Chocolate Custard with Delamere Dairy’s sterilised cows’ milk.

  • Servings: 4
  • Prep Time: 20mins
  • Cooking Time: 20mins

What you'll need

How to make it...

  1. Heat the milk gently with the vanilla extract.
  2. Meanwhile whisk the yolks, sugar and cornflour together so that it is smooth, then carefully pour the hot milk onto the egg yolk mixture gently whisking as you do so.
  3. Return to the pan on low heat, add three quarters of the chocolate & cook until it thickens. Stir slowly constantly.
  4. When ready pour into a clean plastic bowl and stir occasionally as it cools.
  5. Take half the raspberries and place in a food processor or liquidiser with the 100g of sugar, blend until smooth. If you wish you can pass the sauce through a strainer at this point to remove the seeds. Gently stir the remaining raspberries into the sauce, keep two nice ones for decoration.

To Assemble

Place a spoonful of raspberries in the bottom of a dish, then pipe or spoon the white chocolate custard over them, layer the remaining raspberries and custard until it’s all used up finishing with a layer of custard. Decorate with the reserved chocolate, raspberry and a sprig of mint. Chill before serving.