At the heart of our business, Delamere Dairy strives to ‘do the right thing’, by our farmers, customers, dairies, packing sites, the environment, the communities in which we operate, and the planet.

We have close working relationships with our farmers who strive for best practice, not only with animal welfare, but farming practices that embrace modern technologies and practices to improve efficiencies and minimise their impact on the environment. Delamere producers are passionate about their sector, progressive and keen to drive the industry forward.

A few years ago, Delamere Dairy invested in Cabrito a goat meat business. Until relatively recently, with no market in the UK for goat meat, the male billy goats were surplus to requirement (with only female nanny goats being used for milking). People are beginning to appreciate goats’ meat for the lean, tasty and versatile product it is and interest and popularity in goats’ meat is growing. The result is that the majority of billy goats on Delamere farms are now reared for meat and go into the food chain, reducing waste and giving the farmers an extra opportunity and income.

A further investment is Billy Tannery, the first tannery to be built in the UK in over fifty years. The team turns goat hides (previously a waste product) into leather bags, shoes, caps and aprons, among other things.

We firmly believe that a sustainable future lies in returning to regenerative and inter-connected systems – a circular economy. The dairy – meat – leather relationship goes a long way to reducing waste, and celebrating the previously untapped potential of the bi products of this small but important part of the UK’s dairy industry.