Cows' Milk

Delamere Dairy sells a range of awards-winning plain and flavoured long life sterilised cows’ milks. Sterilised milk is simply heat treated to kill the bacteria that make fresh milk ‘go off’. This means these milks can be stored in the cupboard for months unopened. You never need be without milk again!

What’s special about our cows’ milk?

Sterilised cows’ milk is simply heat treated – there are no preservatives and its nutritional value is the same as fresh milk. Once opened, sterilised milk should be treated as fresh milk, refrigerated and consumed within three days. You can use long life milk in just the same way as you would use fresh milk, it is particularly good in cooking and makes a mean custard or rice pudding!

You can use long life milk in just the same way as you would use fresh milk!

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