Goats' Milk

Whilst cows’ milk is the most popular choice in the UK, on a worldwide basis more people drink the milk of goats than any other single animal. Everyday, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits that goats’ milk can bring. Find out more below.

Fresh Goats Milk

Our fresh goats’ milk has a wonderfully mild flavour and is available in whole and semi-skimmed.

Enjoy all of the milks in hot or cold drinks, splashed on cereal or to replace cows’ milk as a cooking ingredient in all your favourite recipes and sauces.

UHT Goats Milk

Our long-life goats’ milk means you never need be without goats’ milk again! For convenience, it can be stored unopened in the cupboard for months, although we recommend it is best served chilled. Once opened, treat like fresh milk, refrigerate and consume within 3 days.

Cows’ Milk & Lactose Intolerance

Evidence shows that as many as 5% of children under 3 years old develop a hypersensitivity to cows’ milk. (www.cowsmilkallergy.co.uk) Many people never grow out of their intolerance and large numbers of children and adults are discovering that this is often the cause of their skin disorders and respiratory and digestive problems.

It has become evident that a large proportion of those with an intolerance to cows’ milk are able to flourish on goats’ milk, so interest and demand are growing fast.

Goats’ milk does still contain lactose which occurs naturally in milk. However, due to the ease with which goats’ milk is digested, those who suffer lactose intolerance with cows’ milk rarely do so with goats’ milk.

For infants under 1 year old, always seek the advice of a health professional.

Please note that goats’ milk is not a suitable substitute for people with a diagnosed allergy to cows’ milk.

Our goats enjoy all of life’s home comforts in airy, draft-free, barns with a deep bedding of straw and plenty of space for ‘getting away’ from the group

Digestive Qualities

The fat globules in goats’ milk are smaller than in cows’ milk so the human digestive enzymes can complete their breakdown much more rapidly.

The proteins also form a softer curd in the stomach which helps digestion. This makes goats’ milk an ideal food for children, the elderly, those with digestive difficulties and people recuperating from illness.

Mucous, Respiratory & Skin Conditions

Unlike cows’ milk, goats milk is non-mucous forming and actually helps to neutralise mucous which can provide dramatic relief to catarrh sufferers.

For example, for many children with perpetual ‘runny noses’, a switch from cows’ milk dairy products to goats’ milk can bring almost instant relief.

Many people who choose to replace cows’ milk with goats’ milk experience considerable improvements in conditions like asthma and eczema…most likely because of a reduced allergenic reaction to the undigested proteins associated with cows’ milk.

Top Chef Antony Worrall Thompson discovered that switching his young daughter from cows’ milk to goats’ milk was an almost instant cure for her persistent runny nose.

How does Goats’ Milk compare with other milks?

The vitamin and mineral content in goats’ milk compares favourably with cows’ milk.

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Animal Welfare

Our milk only comes from the healthiest, happiest goats.

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