Welfare is a Top Priority

Delamere Dairy operates a strict, independently monitored, Farm Assurance and Welfare Code which means as a company, we’re confident that our goats’ milk is sourced to the highest welfare standards. Most of the goats producing our milk are white British Saanens, which as well as being a really good milking breed, means they’re also good natured, inquisitive and playful, making them fun to work with.

All of the farms supplying goats’ milk to Delamere are Red Tractor Assured, to give consumers peace of mind that their food is responsibly produced, traceable and safe.

We’re still a relatively young industry, continuously learning and we can adapt and amend our standards to better our industry.

All farms supplying Delamere Dairy with goats’ milk are family run farms, the goats are their livelihood and they treat them with respect.

Home Sweet Home

The goats live in light, airy barns with deep bedding and plenty of space – standards closely monitored by the Red Tractor Welfare Code. These groups are decided according to when the goats are going to kid. Groups don’t mix, simply because goats develop a strong social hierarchy.

We are often asked, ‘Do you let the goats roam outdoors?’ The simple answer is no. People sometimes struggle with this answer, after all we see sheep, cows in summer months and sometimes pigs roaming the countryside. Goats are different. What is right for one domesticated breed isn’t necessarily right for them all. It’s the welfare of the goats, not the convenience of the farmer that has made the decision to keep the goats’ housed. Goats have not evolved for the British climate. Their feet are designed for dry, rocky environments, not soft wet ground, which would leave feet open to infection and become a huge medical and welfare problem. Secondly, unlike sheep, goats don’t have oil in their coats to protect them from the wet and windy British weather, they are more at ease when housed.

Sometimes we’re asked whether we routinely feed antibiotics to our goats, the answer is absolutely not! Occasionally a sick goat may need antibiotics which must be prescribed by a vet. When this happens, their milk is removed from the pool, and as each tank of milk is tested, you can rest assured that there will be no traces in the milk.

Food Glorious Food

Goats have a mischievous reputation and they certainly can be, but forget the idea of them eating everything from the washing to a prickly hedge. Given the right feed, they meticulously pick out all their favourite bits. They’re also browsers, not grazers, so could survive on rough scrub. A typical diet consists of silage, hay and straw with a blend of cereals to balance their nutrient intake. Perfect for delivering fresh milk that tastes great.

Forget the idea of goats eating everything from the washing to a prickly hedge. Given the right feed, they meticulously pick out all their favourite bits!