William loves to drink our goats’ milk!

We absolutely love hearing about the customers who really enjoy our goats’ milk, especially when it has made a significant difference to their lives. Meet William Rook, he is 7 years old and a bright bubbly boy, bursting with ideas and fun, he recently sent us a lovely letter and his mum told us his story. When William was 3 years old he suffered from eczema and a dietitian who identified it as a cows’ milk protein allergy (rather than lactose) suggested trying goats’ or sheep milk. His mum Helen cut dairy from William’s diet and was amazed with the result.

“Originally we were substituting almond milk but I was much happier knowing that he was getting all the additional healthy benefits of goats’milk. He’s been drinking it ever since. Although he has almost grown out of the allergy now, he continues to love drinking your goats’ milk. He’s collected many tokens and has now got a brown and a white goat toy!”