Company History

1985 – Liz & Roger Sutton founded Delamere Dairy with their first purchase of just three goats in Cheshire’s beautiful Delamere Forest. They began by selling the fresh goats’ milk and soft cheese they made in their kitchen to local health food stores.


1987 – Such was the interest in their products that only a couple of years later, they were supplying milk to major UK retailers. As time went on, their products were seen on more and more supermarket shelves.

1992 – By now, Delamere Dairy had outgrown its home in the forest and moved to Yew Tree Farm in Knutsford. New products were added to the portfolio including semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, with goats’ butter being made from the cream. 

1993 – Demand for new and innovative goats’ dairy products continued to grow alongside the awareness of its benefits. So plain and flavoured goats’ yogurts soon followed on from goats’ milk and cheese.

1995 – Uniquely in the UK, Delamere Dairy developed a long-life goats’ milk, which dramatically improved the availability of goats’ milk across the country. It also enabled Delamere Dairy to be the first goats’ milk brand to be sold in Italy; the start of their thriving export business.

1999 – As sales continued to grow, more goat farmers were enlisted to help produce goats’ milk for Delamere Dairy and the Delamere Dairy Farm Assurance and Welfare Scheme was developed to ensure consistent standards.

2004 – Delamere Dairy had sold goats’ milk to breeders to rear puppies for years and in 2004 the TopLife Formula brand of goats’ milk treats for dogs was born.

2005 – Delamere Dairy acquired the Pure Milk brand of sterilised cows’ milk, now part of the Delamere Dairy brand portfolio. Delamere Dairy’s sterilised milk in whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed varieties is now sold all over the world.

2006 – Further to the launch of TopLife Formula for dogs in 2004, kitten, puppy and cat varieties joined the range.


2010 – A wider variety of cheeses & yogurts were launched including the award winning Greek goats’ cheese, goats’ cheese with herbs and goats’ cheese with honey.

2011 – Delamere Dairy is awarded UK Farm Business of the Year at the Food & Farming Industry Awards.

2011 – Delamere Dairy opened its Far East office in Hong Kong to explore market opportunities there.



2014 – Delamere Dairy opened its European office in Belgium.

2015 – Delamere Dairy is listed in the Sunday Times SME Export Track 100, as the UK’s fastest growing food & drink exporter.

2016 – Delamere Dairy was awards the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in recognition of its export success.

Today – Delamere Dairy continues to supply an extensive range of specialist goat and cows’ milk based products to retail, wholesale and independent customers across the UK, Europe and beyond. With an active new product development programme, there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon!