“Within a week or so of switching my problem has eased considerably”

I was diagnosed with serious Ceoliac disease after years of problems brought me to a level where the Doctor said they had exhausted investigations and there was nothing more they could do.

Fortunately, I have private medical insurance and after a referral, tests and 17 biopsies the consultant advised me that that I had advanced Ceoliac disease and would have to remain gluten free for the rest of my life.

One of the effects of being on a strict gluten free diet can be a skin problem where mainly at night I have itching spots and a rash which are a terrible nuisance. Ointments prescribed seem to only give minimal relief for a while.  Just something I had to live with which of course had to accept and just get on with things

After a friend recommended that I try goats’ milk, within a week or so of switching my problem has eased considerably and except for an occasional one or two night relapse it continues to be of no bother whatsoever.


Best Regards

Charles Bull