“The switch virtually ended my eczema problems”

“It occurs to me that the medical profession might not be sufficiently aware of the impact that cows’ milk products can have on people where a lactose intolerance goes un-detected. I am now 74 years of age and  I was unaware for decades that I may have had such an intolerance. Since I was a small boy, I had suffered from an ear eczema which was usually accompanied by an acute itching in conjunction with an unpleasant discharge which often blocked my ears.

About 5 years ago,  I changed over to goats’ milk and sheep milk products initially to help with cholesterol control and by coincidence found the switch virtually ended my eczema problems .

As I moved away from cows’ milk products, the eczema gradually ceased, the itching and discharge stopped and so far have not returned.

I had regular medical treatment for my ear eczema over the decades and some of my earliest memories are of doctors examining my ears. Various ointments were tried none of which provided any lasting remedy.  Certainly, the possibility of a lactose intolerance had never been put forward.

Thus, although relief came to me later in life after changing to goats and sheeps’ milk, I hope my story can benefit other people (and especially children) who may have similar problems and that the potential benefits of these products  can become more widely known to the medical profession and nutritionists.

As your website shows many of your customers have changed to goats’ milk because of an intolerance of cows’ milk. Together with my story, I feel there is compelling evidence to suggest that goats’ milk can clear up and help prevent certain intolerances that may otherwise result from cows’ milk products. Delamere goats milk, butter and yogurt is delicious too ”

Peter John (PJ) Stanway