“Thank you Delamere for making delicious goats’ milk”

Right from when I was a toddler I have always had stomach problems. As the years have gone on these problems have progressed and worsened. At seven years old my Mum took me to see the doctor who then referred me onto a Gastroenterologist. Unfortunately, when I went to see the Gastroenterologist they accused me of faking it to get attention. When my mum refused to accept this claim they diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My mum then took me back to the doctor as I was not getting any better. The doctor told my mum that there was nothing more that he could do for me. He advised her to get me an allergy test. It was from this test that I found out which foods I had to avoid and one of those was dairy.

As a result of this every week my mum took me to the local food shop to try a different make of soya milk. However, each one I tried I did not like. As a child my mum had grown up with goats and my grandparents for a treat when I stayed with them would buy goats’ milk. I remembered from these visits that I had loved the taste of goats’ milk. Based on this my mum decided to buy some goats’ milk and twenty two years on I still drink it to this day.

A few years ago my local supermarket stopped selling the goats’ cheese that I was buying. After going in a few shops and trying the cheeses that they sold I found a local independent shop that sold Delamere goats’ cheese. I tried that and loved it and for the last few years I have been buying that.

Unfortunately, a few years ago the diet alone was not keeping my stomach problems under control. I ended up going to the doctor and being referred to different consultants for different investigations. In the end I was referred again to another Gastroenterologist. This time he took my complaints about my stomach seriously. After quite a few investigations they found that I did not have Irritable Bowel Syndrome I had Crohns Disease and Proctitis. As long as I stick to the diet that I am on and take all the medication, then my Crohns Disease and Proctitis is as under control as it can possibly be.

Thank you Delamere for making delicious goats’ milk and for making delicious products from the goats’ milk. Without you I may never have had milk ever again.

Sarah Turner