Make your own Bunny Easter Basket

What You’ll Need

Download & Print

  • Empty Delamere Goats’ Milk Carton
  • Scissors & Stapler
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • PVA / Craft Glue
  • Permanent Marker
  • Crayons, Colouring Pencils
  • Googly Eyes if desired
  • Card
  • Straw
  • Card, String or Ribbon
  • Easter Eggs to collect in your basket!

1. Getting Started…

Ask an ADULT to open the milk carton at the top, cut down one side (up to around the goats milk title) and then across, removing the the top.

2. Get Messy!

Paint all the sides of the carton the colour you want your bunny to be. We chose white.

TIP: With lighter coloured paint you may need a few more coats.

3. Bunny Ears…

Take your piece of card and draw out some bunny ears (they can be as tall as you like, but should be 7cm wide to fit inside the carton). Ask an ADULT to cut these ears out.

4. Now for the fun bit…

Colour in your bunny ears with crayons, colouring pencils or more paint.

5. Bring him to life…

On the dry carton, stick on googly eyes or draw them on to make a face for your rabbit. Then stick the ears to the inside of the carton using PVA glue.

6. Nearly there…

Now you need a handle, cut a long length of card (you could also use string or ribbon). Stick this to the inside sides of the bunny and ask an ADULT to secure it with a staple on each side.

7. Voila…

Fill with straw and then go egg hunting with your new bunny friend!