Make your own Boat

What You’ll Need

  • An Empty Delamere Goats’ Milk Carton
  • Scissors & Hole Punch
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • PVA / Craft Glue
  • Coloured Paper
  • A Drinking Straw
  • Decorative Shapes (optional)
  • Blu-tack


Download & Print


1. Getting Started…

Ask an ADULT to cut one of the sides off your goats’ milk carton (It might be easiest to pierce a hole in the middle and work outwards).


2. Let’s paint!

Paint all sides and the inside of the carton with whatever colour you’d like to choose. We painted a layer of white so that our chosen colour yellow would really stand out.


3. Make the sails

Take the coloured paper and cut two rectangles out, one larger than the other. Ours measured 12x8cm and 10.5x6cm but it depends how tall your straw is.  Using the hole punch make two holes in the middle of the rectangles, then feed the straw through allowing them to ‘billow’ a little like boat sails.

We also added a little triangular flag with glue to the top.



4. Hoist the sail

Roll up a ball of blu-tac and put your straw into it then firmly press it to the bottom of your boat.

5. Now for the fun bit

Decorate however you like – we used foam shapes, but permanent markers or more waterproof acrylic paint will ensure your design doesn’t wash off when in water!

6. Set Sail!

Test out your new boat in the bath or in your local pond.
Top Tip – if you’re sailing it in a pond please tie a piece of string to your boat or it might never come back to shore!