“I tried some of your goats’ milk 2 weeks ago…”


I’d like to tell you of a small celebration of mine, through your goats’ milk.

My name is Lynne Barker. I am 69 and have had asthma most of my life and used many inhalers, one day I was watching BBC’s ‘The Farmers Country Showdown’ and a lady farmer had many goats because her daughter was allergic to most other animals. They may have had to leave the farm…she bought some goats and to their amazement the little girl loved the milk and her asthma went. She is now 8 and showing goats at shows. On watching this I tried some of your goats’ milk 2 weeks ago and to my amazement I can breathe as soon as I get up in the mornings, where as before I couldn’t even speak. I’m so pleased I thought you should know. I’m going to try it for 6 weeks then stop and see what the result is…hopefully it’ll lead to maybe no inhalers.

Hope this is encouraging for you as it is for me,

Kind regards

Lynne Barker