84 year old Neil tells us his story…

First may I thank you for the goat toy which arrived today. It was intended as a plaything for our miniature Dachshund ‘Rosie” and is already a firm favourite.

The story of my use of goats’ milk goes back a number of years when an unexpected eruption of eczema failed to heal no matter what medication was prescribed. Previously I had heard that goats’ milk had been used with good results and I therefore thought ‘Why not give it a try’. Coupled with this, I had been a firm believer in Homeopathic remedies and together with goats’ milk my discomfort was relieved and within a matter of three weeks the offending eruptions had cleared and to date have not returned. The Homeopathic remedies were stopped and it has not been necessary to restart them.

Medical prescriptions were fine until stopped, but the infection returned soon after and other prescriptions fared little better, so now I continue with the goats’ milk and I’m itch free. Please make sure you keep producing wonderful FULL FAT GOATS’ MILK and by the way, Rosie loves her dish of goats’ milk before bed.

One final note, I am 84 years old.

Neil Stein