Kids for Kids is doing all it can to help children in the rural villages of Darfur, Sudan living in conditions beyond poverty. It is hard to imagine the deprivation. Children sleep on the sand in huts made of straw. When the crops fail, huts cannot be repaired. Water is often miles away and children have to help in carrying every single drop the family needs to survive. By introducing a package of basic grassroots projects, things families themselves say will make the most difference, Kids for Kids is transforming their lives long term. All the projects are aimed at helping individual families to feed and support their children and provide a better future.

Right now, 1.1 million children are facing starvation. Mothers are struggling to provide even one meal of assida to their little ones each day. (Assida is made from the staple crop, sorghum, and is their only carbohydrate.) Without protein and minerals children are seriously malnourished, in real danger of dying from famine. The prices of basic food items like bread are soaring.  People have no alternative but to eat the seed they were hoping to plant, as there is little rain. A state of food crisis has been declared in North Darfur.

You will know how important goats’ milk is to keep your own children healthy.  Just imagine what goats’ milk does for malnourished children facing starvation in Darfur. Goats are lifesavers! Mothers beg Kids for Kids for goats, as their milk, full of essential protein and nutrients, is the closest milk to that of a mother.  Just one cup of goat’s milk a day transforms a child’s health. Not only do goats save the lives of children, they also provide a source of income for mothers who can sell extra milk and yoghurt at the local market. Often their first ever income. Kids for Kids provides five nanny goats and a billy goat to 15% of the poorest families in every village they adopt. After 2 years the flock has grown, and five kid goats are passed on to benefit another family in the village. By donating a goat, you are saving lives.


“Just £50 provides a nanny goat which will transform a child’s life. Families beg us to provide goats as they vastly improve the quality of live. Donating one little goat makes an enormous difference because their offspring will go to help another family – and so on!”


– Patricia Parker MBE, Kids for Kids Founder and CEO

Kids for Kids runs other sustainable projects like constructing clean water handpumps, providing donkeys for transport, planting trees to reforest the desert and fight climate change, training midwives, first aid workers, and paravets, and providing basic essentials like blankets, mosquito nets, and jerrycans. Right now, they are appealing urgently for soap to prevent families from contracting COVID-19, which is spreading in Darfur. People cannot afford to buy soap to wash their hands and prevent the virus. Can you help provide soap?

To date Kids for Kids has adopted 105 villages and transformed the lives of over 550,000 people. Visit their website to find out more:


You can also support Kids for Kids from outside the UK via GlobalGiving: