A lot of care goes into making our products and getting them to you in perfect condition. When we consider packaging options, we aim to deliver consistent product quality while minimising the impact that the packaging has on the environment. Below is a list of the packaging we use, and how the various components can be recycled.

Goats’ Milk and Cows’ Milk in Paperboard cartons

Cartons are made of paperboard which can be recycled. Many local authorities offer a kerbside collection service either with the rest of your cardboard or they recycle the cartons as a separate entity. If you are in an area that doesn’t offer this service, many supermarkets have recycling bins for cartons in their car parks and you can drop them off when you do your shopping.

You may also be interested to know that our cartons are printed and delivered on rolls, which means one truck can transport enough material to pack nearly 1,000,000 standard 1 litre cartons. It would take over fifty trucks to deliver the same number of pre-formed bottles.

Sterilised Cows’ Milk (plastic bottles)

The plastic bottles for our sterilised milk which are sold in supermarkets are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) and are widely recyclable, either with your kerbside collection or local recycling facility. Simply detach the label from the bottle and recycle the components separately.

Sterilised Cows’ Milk (glass bottles)

The glass bottles for our sterilised milk and flavoured milks can be recycled with your at kerbside collections or at bottle banks. Please note these are not ‘rinse and return’ so your milkman cannot reuse them. The caps are made of aluminium and can be recycled.


Our yogurt pots are fully recyclable. Detach the cardboard outer from the pot and recycle with other paper and cardboard. The remaining plastic pot is made of polypropylene and can be recycled with your plastic. The plastic caps on the big yogurt pots can be recycled with your plastics as well. Unfortunately the foil lids cannot be recycled as they are foil with a lacquer. While both elements are recyclable, we do not have the facilities in the UK to separate them prior to recycling.


Spreadable Cheese

Our spreadable cheese comes in a polypropylene pot which is recyclable, so can be added to your other plastics if your local authority does kerbside collections. If not, your local recycling centres will probably provide a facility. The cardboard sleeve can be recycled with your paper & cardboard.

Medium & Mild Goats’ Cheese and Sheep Cheese

The plastic wrap around these cheeses isn’t currently recyclable, but this is something we’re trying to rectify.

Greek Goats’ Cheese

The plastic wrap used for the Greek Goats’ Cheese can be added to your plastics for recycling, but you need to cut the label off first.

Goats’ Cheese Logs

The plastic tray which the cheese sits in can be recycled with other plastics.


Butter packaging is not recyclable because it’s a combination of foil and paper and, currently, there are no facilities in the UK to separate them. But you could always keep them in the fridge and use them to grease or line baking tins!