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It’s got a nice sweet flavour and it’s much better for me without all the additives which are in soy milk etc. What I also like is that it is so much more healthier than cows’ milk.

“We all love the taste”

We have goats’ milk for health reasons. We find it a much healthier choice than cows’ milk and we all love the taste. We love how ethically minded you seem to be as a company too! Sarah-Jane Akhter

4 of our Favourite Recipes using Goats’ Butter

Use Delamere’s goats’ butter to make your brandy butter this year. It makes a tasty accompaniment to mince pies or Christmas pudding and also provides a good conversation point! What you’ll need 250g Delamere Dairy goats’ butter, at room temperature 250g icing sugar 4 tbsp boiling water 6 tbsp brandy How to make it… Cream together the goats’ … Continued

Making Healthier Diet Choices

The early part of a New Year is often the time that people decide to overhaul their diet and try and make some healthier choices when it comes to themselves or their family. This change usually starts at the supermarket, which can suddenly become a minefield when all of sudden you are faced with selecting … Continued

All things Sandwich

Not many things in life get the recognition they deserve, let alone get an entire day every year dedicated to their creation. However, there are just some things in life, such as the sandwich it would seem, which have become so iconic and popular with the masses that its global popularity has enabled it to … Continued

“We swapped his milk to goats’ milk”

I have twin girls, Anna & Eilish aged 9, and twin boys Paraic & Seamus aged 7. We found Paraic, as a toddler, on rising in the morning was tired and not in the best of form. We came to the conclusion his sleep was disturbed and he just wasn’t himself. He went to bed … Continued

Summer Salads to Boost your Health

Summer is the season of salads, and never has there been a better summer than this one to enjoy them. With the many days of consecutive sunshine and warmth we have recently been experiencing, what better way to cool yourself down than by eating a delicious, healthy, crisp, cold salad packed full of all the … Continued