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In case you didn’t know, February is National Heart Month, which is very in keeping seeing as it’s also the month of Valentines. So there couldn’t be a better time to show your heart, or even someone else’s, some love, by feeding it all the things that will cherish it by keeping it healthy and … Continued

Food for the Heart

In case you didn’t know, February is National Heart Month, which is very in keeping seeing as it’s also the month of Valentines. So there couldn’t be a better time to show your heart, or even someone else’s, some love, by feeding it all the things that will cherish it by keeping it healthy and … Continued

January Blue Monday – Top 10 Tips to get you through

January is a hard month. The excitement of Christmas is over, money troubles & debt can be highlighted for many during this month, weather is grey, wet and cold, feelings of ground hog day/year can plague many, especially as the back to work blues hit after time off over the Christmas period. So with all … Continued


If you’re interested in how our milks compare with others on the market, we’ve broken down all the nutrition information below to make it easier for you. Remember that milk composition will always vary slightly according to species, season, brand and diet.

Making Healthier Diet Choices

The early part of a New Year is often the time that people decide to overhaul their diet and try and make some healthier choices when it comes to themselves or their family. This change usually starts at the supermarket, which can suddenly become a minefield when all of sudden you are faced with selecting … Continued

All things Sandwich

Not many things in life get the recognition they deserve, let alone get an entire day every year dedicated to their creation. However, there are just some things in life, such as the sandwich it would seem, which have become so iconic and popular with the masses that its global popularity has enabled it to … Continued

The Vitamin D warning – could you be affected?

Over the last few years, vitamin D has become a popular topic in the UK media and has had increased interest in the medical world and there is a very good reason why.  Vitamin D deficiency has been on the increase for both adults and children in the UK over the past decade. Even if … Continued

Eating for Improved Mental Health

The topic of mental health has certainly been attracting a lot of attention in the last year or two and is now no stranger to the spotlight. So what better time to shine some more light on this important issue, which affects us all, than Mental Health Awareness week taking place between Monday 13Th May … Continued

Herbs for Health

Herbs, plants and their active components have been used throughout history for their medicinal properties. Using plants and herbs for health is increasingly popular throughout the world and according to the World Health Organisation, 75% of the world’s populations are using herbs/traditional herbal medicine for basic healthcare needs. Many pharmaceutical drugs derive or contain active … Continued

Let’s Talk Sugar…

Unless you’ve been residing on another planet for the last few years, you will not have failed to notice that one sweet thing has dominated the food headlines. SUGAR! This sweet, addictive, energy giver has been getting bad press and has become one of the most vilified ingredients in recent food history. So why has … Continued

Nutrition for Fertility

Deciding to start a family is one of the biggest decisions that is made in life and although that journey can be a wonderful happy time, for many people it can also be an emotional roller-coaster. When the decision to try for a baby is made, some presume that will be the hardest bit done, … Continued

Allergies – From Pollen to Milk

Allergy Awareness week falls this year between 29th April and 3rd May, and this year Allergy UK is focusing specifically on air quality and the allergens that live around us.  The link between poor air quality and allergy has been increasingly talked about in recent years and growing research shows this worrying connection that affects … Continued

The great proven health benefits of the Mediterranean diet

The word ‘diet’ can often instill fear in many people as it conjures up ideas of food restriction, bland menus, hunger and missing out on favourite foods. I’m sure most people over the years have heard of diets such as the Cabbage soup diet, Miami beach diet, Zone diet and the Atkins diet, all of … Continued

Summer Salads to Boost your Health

Summer is the season of salads, and never has there been a better summer than this one to enjoy them. With the many days of consecutive sunshine and warmth we have recently been experiencing, what better way to cool yourself down than by eating a delicious, healthy, crisp, cold salad packed full of all the … Continued

Keeping Healthy on Holiday

If you are one of the lucky people heading away this year, whether it be to far flung destinations, or closer to home, you don’t want your holiday marred with illness or other holiday nasties. There is nothing like a bout of food poisoning, or a bad case of sunburn to put a dampener on … Continued

Could you be deficient in Vitamin D?

Like all vitamins and minerals, vitamin D is vital for optimum health. Its association with healthy bones is well known, yet it plays just as critical a role in a variety of other bodily processes and functions. It is therefore concerning that 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 6 children in England have low … Continued

Food and the Love Connection!

There is no escaping it, whether you are married, dating or single, February is all about Valentine’s Day, or so all the shops and media would have us believe. It seems that Valentine’s Day has become a little like marmite, you either love it or hate it, but whichever camp you fall into and whether … Continued

Christmas: A time of stress and Relaxation

Christmas is upon us and this not only brings with it decorations, social festivities and panic Christmas shopping, but to many people it means those stress levels are going to be peaking! Battling the crowds whilst you decide on what gifts to buy, deciding whether it should be a star or an angel on top … Continued

Essential Foods for a Healthy Bowel

Discussing ones bowel function is not usually a topic that just crops up in a conversation and is one that is generally avoided amongst family and friends. It’s also not on the ‘hot topics’ to talk about around the dinner table. In fact, most people will only talk about bowel health in the presence of … Continued