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Delamere milk has helped my daughter to be a healthy baby. This is Abril playing with her new goat friends. She started taking Delamere whole milk when she was 11 months, as it was time for her to be weaned. The first attempt was with cows’ milk, but we soon changed to goats’ milk as … Continued

“We all love the taste”

We have goats’ milk for health reasons. We find it a much healthier choice than cows’ milk and we all love the taste. We love how ethically minded you seem to be as a company too! Sarah-Jane Akhter

“I’m so happy I made the switch”

My name is Lauren, I switched to Delamere Diary goats’ milk about 3 years ago as I had been experiencing problems with inflammation in my body following a potential Lyme disease diagnosis and an intolerance to cows’ milk. I’m so happy I made the switch. I find Delamere goats’ milk tastes creamier than cows’ milk, … Continued

William loves to drink our goats’ milk!

We absolutely love hearing about the customers who really enjoy our goats’ milk, especially when it has made a significant difference to their lives. Meet William Rook, he is 7 years old and a bright bubbly boy, bursting with ideas and fun, he recently sent us a lovely letter and his mum told us his … Continued


If you’re interested in how our milks compare with others on the market, we’ve broken down all the nutrition information below to make it easier for you. Remember that milk composition will always vary slightly according to species, season, brand and diet.

“My name is Verity and I am 9 years old”

My name is Verity and I am 9 years old. When I was a baby after my Mum stopped breast feeding me and started giving me cows’ milk I used to vomit, often in the middle of the night. Then because my uncle couldn’t drink cows’ milk when he was a child, my grandparents persuaded … Continued

Suzie is a long time user of goats’ milk…

Well here it goes! I’m a long time user of your goats’ milk. I’m 52 and a retired nurse. I have a severe lifelong lactose intolerance. I also suffer from crippling migraines. And here’s the problem, I love milk! Stopping milk was not an option because I need the calcium for my bone health. It … Continued

4 of our Favourite Recipes using Goats’ Butter

Use Delamere’s goats’ butter to make your brandy butter this year. It makes a tasty accompaniment to mince pies or Christmas pudding and also provides a good conversation point! What you’ll need 250g Delamere Dairy goats’ butter, at room temperature 250g icing sugar 4 tbsp boiling water 6 tbsp brandy How to make it… Cream together the goats’ … Continued

84 year old Neil tells us his story…

First may I thank you for the goat toy which arrived today. It was intended as a plaything for our miniature Dachshund ‘Rosie” and is already a firm favourite. The story of my use of goats’ milk goes back a number of years when an unexpected eruption of eczema failed to heal no matter what … Continued

Otto won’t stop drinking goats’ milk

A few months ago we bought a delightful Burmese Mountain Dog puppy and the breeder suggested feeding a goats’ milk supplement with his food. Otto, the puppy, is now 10 months old and 45 kg and his main diet has changed. But he won’t let go of his semi skimmed goats’ milk. So we will … Continued

“I want the best for him, so I chose Delamere”

I am happy to share my story with you regarding why I choose to use Delamere goats’ milk. I use it because it is closer to Charley’s mum’s milk, and he can tolerate it unlike cows’ milk. I want the best for him, so I chose Delamere. He has it for breakfast and supper, and … Continued

Nutrition for Fertility

Deciding to start a family is one of the biggest decisions that is made in life and although that journey can be a wonderful happy time, for many people it can also be an emotional roller-coaster. When the decision to try for a baby is made, some presume that will be the hardest bit done, … Continued

“We swapped his milk to goats’ milk”

I have twin girls, Anna & Eilish aged 9, and twin boys Paraic & Seamus aged 7. We found Paraic, as a toddler, on rising in the morning was tired and not in the best of form. We came to the conclusion his sleep was disturbed and he just wasn’t himself. He went to bed … Continued