My fiance has a slight intolerance to lactose

Garry, my fiancé, has a slight intolerance to lactose so started using goats' milk and felt better almost immediately.  If he has a coffee somewhere else he can notice a difference.  Soya milk and almond milk just don’t taste the same.  We also freeze goats' milk so we know we have some available at all times because not all shops sell it.

Since Garry started to use it I have too, mainly because we live in the same house, but also because it is good for me. 

My finances mother in law, Joan Darling, also uses it now as she has read about the benefits from using it, especially in an older person and she does feel better in herself for it.  Whenever I go to her house she has about 4 cartons of it in the fridge, I’m not saying she drinks a lot of tea, but that’s a lot of milk to go through for one person. 

I am trying to get our local corner shop, McCols, to stock it, I’ve said I will get my mother in laws form there too as her local Co-op isn’t stocking it anymore.

Garry also makes his porridge with it and if I need any for baking I use it too. Here is a photo of a quiche I've made using Delamere Dairy goats' milk.

I haven’t tried any of the other products, mainly because they are not readily available.

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