My daughter began to develop eczema

As a newborn my daughter suffered with severe wind and began to develop eczema rashes all over her body including her eyelids until about 3 months old.

I was prescribed some steroid cream for her from the doctor but I decided to research the possible causes. I read about cows' milk intolerance and decided to swap cows' milk in my diet (as I was breastfeeding her) to see if that helped. It also turned out that she had an intolerance to egg.

Since these changes were made to our diet her tummy pain stopped and her eczema completely disappeared. She is now 2 ½ years old and enjoys her goats' milk twice a day, and we often use hard goats' cheese in her meals.  We tried introducing cows' milk back into her diet but her eczema returned. After looking at the health benefits of goats' milk however, we are happy to stick with goats' milk for her indefinitely! And any future children we have will definitely have a diet of goats' milk.

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