Make Your Own Penguin

What You’ll Need

  • Empty Delamere Goats’ Milk Carton
  • Scissors
  • Cellotape
  • PVA Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Black and orange acrylic paint
  • Coloured card (or print out our template)
  • A pair of googly eyes
  • Cotton wool balls

Download & Print

1. Getting Started…

Gather your materials, we’ve used coloured card to decorate our penguin, but you can download our template and cut out the shapes if you like. Rinse out your empty goats’ milk carton and remove the lid, allow to dry.

2. Paint your Penguin

Paint your empty carton with black paint, leaving the spout blank for now. When the black paint is dry you can paint this orange then let it dry.

3. Clip your wings

Cut out from the template (or card) the wing shapes, feet shapes and beak square.

4. Roll the beak

To form the beak we need to roll it into a cone – you may need an adult to do this as it needs to be thin enough to fit into the milk spout. Once rolled, tuck into the milk spout and allow to curve out so it fits snugly (you can secure with cellotape if you want to).

5. Flap your wings

Fold the wing shapes a third of the way down.

6. Nearly there…

Now you’re ready to glue everything on! Glue the top part of the wings to the side of your carton, and then add the feet to the base. To make his lovely furry chest: fluff up the cotton wool balls out so they’re a bit flatter and glue to the front of your penguin.

7. Squark!

We also made him into Rockhopper penguin by adding some ‘tufts’ made from card cut into strips – also on template, (you can leave these off if you think he’s cute enough without). Now give him a name.