Make your own Daisy Chain

1. Find An Abundant Patch Of Daisies

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2. Collect Daisies

Get creative and pluck all sorts of different shapes and colours! Ones with longer stems are best!

3. To Start

Using your thumbnail, carve a small slit into the stem of the daisy (about 1cm in length). Check you have a thumbnail big enough to make the hole in the stalk.

TIP: Make the slit at the thickest part of the daisy stem.

4. Link the Daisies

Once you have created a hole, take another daisy from your collection and pull the stem through the hole of the original daisy. This is the beginning of your daisy chain! Repeat this step as many times as you like until you have your desired length of daisy chain.


5. You’re Almost Done

To finish off the chain you just need to connect the first daisy to the last daisy. To do so, you must make a slit in the last daisy on the chain. Then you just take hold of the daisy at the other end and pull her on through!

6. If You Want To Keep it Really Secure

Just tie back the last daisy through the hole into a knot.

7. Voila

You now have yourself a beautiful daisy chain. Why not spread the daisy joy by giving it to a friend or decorating your garden. You can also make them into necklaces, bracelets, rings and crowns!