“It’s goats’ milk for us from now on!”

I used to suffer with stomach troubles and on mentioning it to my sister, she said it sounded like IBS and I should seek medical advice. I didn’t want to go to a doctor, but her words made me recall events of 40 or more years ago when a friend’s baby had an upset tummy, the midwife suggested goats’ milk as it was much easier to digest. This worked for her baby so I decided that maybe it would work for me as well. I am glad to say that it did and I now recommend it to all my friends.

My husband reluctantly followed suit a few months later and is very pleased that he did because his hay fever is nowhere near as bad as it was. We have nothing against cows’ milk but if we go back to it, our digestive systems will tell us after a few days, so it is goats’ milk for us from now on.

With very best wishes from Christine Clay