It seems so simple now...

My daughter had health worries with constant vomiting at night. She was diagnosed with chronic reflux from the age of 3 months. Night after night she would drink her bottle of formula and later cows' milk which she loved but would vomit it all back up. She was put on baby gaviscon which didn't help much. I mentioned on several occasions could she be allergic to cows' milk or lactose intolerant and we were told 'no'. We then noticed that every time we went to nana's for tea she would be sick, they would give her cream, if she ate fudge she would be sick.

If it wasn't for goats milk I don't know where we would be now with the health of Tegan.

Then she developed asthma, again she was given inhalers we battled on with endless sleepless nights with a wheezing vomiting child, worried sick what was wrong, it was a terrible time. Then a friend suggested trying Goats' Milk so I gave it a go. The day we switched, the vomiting stopped and the asthma cleared within 8 months. She is now a healthy 4 1/2 year old with no asthma and is very rarely sick, she still loves her goats' milk and drinks a pint a day. We found out she was severley allergic to cows' milk, cream and fudge because it has cream in it, it seems so simple now but at the time it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If it wasn't for goats' milk I don't know where we would be now with the health of Tegan.

So thanks very much to the Goats!!

Jo Duncan

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