I'm lactose intolerant so decided to switch to goats' milk

Our household all enjoy all things made by delamere goats and have done so for well over a decade.  It started the usual way, lactose intolerant with cow’s milk, felt sicky all the time afterwards.  Discovered Goats milk and started enjoying breakfast time again with either cereal or porridge.  It’s such a refreshing drink on its own and in a yummy strawberry milkshake again all less calories!

It was only natural to then continue with all of the delamere products we could find at any supermarket which was butter, cheese and plain yohurt.

Once you make the switch away from dairy products your digestive system/stomach will love you back, and when you do, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.  I don’t know how anyone can drink cow’s milk, yuk. 

For us and our four legged furry hounds it gets the 4 PAWS of approval. Our rescue doggies had delicate tummies and giving them a big spoonful of yohurt in their bowls first thing every morning has been very good for them. They even recognise the sound of the plastic lid coming off the tub and in seconds waiting (see photo’s) their wee faces just light up.

Maybe one day we could visit the lovely goats in person………… Thank you Delamere staff and goats, we all now have happy tummies and get a really tasty products to enjoy. We have known people say the milk smells of goat, since when! It’s well seeing some haven’t got a clue. Its their loss and tummies. 


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