“I decided to give goats’ milk a go”

As I’m slightly intolerant for milk products (spots on my face) and I don’t really like normal milk (plain, boring flavour) I decided to give goats’ milk a go.

I found that it tasted a bit different to start with, but then I started to like it more and more. It’s got a nice sweet flavour and it’s much better for me without all the additives which are in soy milk etc. What I also like is that it is so much more healthier than cows’ milk.

I chose Delamere milk, mainly because it is not over priced like other goats’ milk brands, and therefore I have the idea that you don’t try to make as much money as the other rip-off companies. I like the tokens on the packs, to save for the toys, even though I haven’t got children. It’s just nice to be able to save for things and eventually maybe give them away when my sister comes on holiday with her children.

Judith Tesselaar