“He had eczema from about 4 months old”

I am sharing my son’s story and his obsession with your product. He had eczema from about 4 months old and after steroid recommendations from Doctors, I decided to treat him with diet. I always knew that goats’ milk is good for skin and from my upbringing/culture and research, goats’ milk has been known to aid with this skin condition.

When he moved on from formula I made sure to start straight away with your product. I even bathed him in it to ease the redness and itch. It always worked. Long story short after 6 months on goats’ milk and using it topically, my son has not had a recurrence and is thriving. He went from sore angry skin to clear and healthy skin.

We tried other brands but my son didn’t like it at all. So Delamere it is!! It has been nearly 6 years now and we religiously stock 8 cartons a week as he drinks at least 1 carton a day.
I have recommended your product to many of my clients in my business who have suffered similarly or have allergies to cows’ milk. They have been converts and really grateful for turning their attention to your product.

Thank you Delamere for a great product and you will always have our support.

Kate Giles-Ong
Mommy to a beautiful boy