Goats' Products have helped my Chrons

I have suffered with Crohns disease for many years and have had 3 major operations for this.  This has caused me to have IBD on and off during this time.  I joined the NACC (National Association for Crohns & Colitis) and they send me a quarterly magazine.

In the last magazine a lady sent a letter in which was published in which she said that she too had suffered for a long time with Crohns disease and also had major surgery.  Some time ago she decided to change from cows milk to goats milk and ever since her condition has been much better.

I was very interested in this as the NACC print a leaflet giving information about people who cannot tolerate cows milk.  So about 6 weeks ago I started drinking goats milk and buying goats butter and yogurts and feel so much better.

So I look for Delamere Dairy products wherever I go.  Well done.


Kind regards
Marion Cheel

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