Goats' milk, no antibiotics, no ear infections


I was a fan of cow's milk considering it a whole food and dismissing the anti-cow milk brigade. 

I still dismiss the anti-cow milk brigade because I feel for most people it is OK

My son started full fat cows milk aged one.  By the age of two he was regularly getting ear infections - so bad that he would vomit phlegm on occasions where he was too young to be able to bring it up himself.

At the age of 5, after suffering for 3 years, we tried goats' milk.  A friend suggested soya but I wanted animal goodness.  For 3 years now he has had no infections at all and therefore no anti-biotics - which also I'm not a fan of but had no choice giving him. 

Clean goats milk for last three, no anti-biotics, no infections - hopefully you can use this experience to inform others of the brilliance of goats milk.

Thank you for your products.


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