“Goats’ milk makes us so happy and makes our mornings brighter!” 

My name is Sofia, I am a 2nd year university of Glasgow student and I live with my flatmate, Izzy. We both love goats’ milk and drink it with our cereal in the morning. We started drinking Delamere goats’ milk in October 2021 and haven’t been able to stop since. We stumbled upon it at the grocery store and decided to try it. We have since stopped drinking any other kind of milk. I have fond memories of drinking goats’ milk when I was a kid. I lived next to a goat farm for a year when I was 12 and have loved goats’ milk ever since.  We also think that buying goats’ milk from a local company is better for the environment than buying generic cows’ milk. After drinking goats’ milk with our cereal every morning for months now, cows’ milk just tastes bland. We are trying to collect 30 goat tokens so that we can both get a toy goat, we are almost there! Goats’ milk makes us so happy and makes our mornings brighter!