Goats' milk helped my son's asthma and eczema

As a child, I had an intolerance to cows’ milk. In those days, 1940’s & 50’s, there was no alternative for me.

My third son had asthma and eczema. I was advised by a homeopath to try goats’ milk. We lived near a small holding with goats and I was able to buy the milk which we loved and it helped where the creams and potions didn’t. For many years I used goats’ milk for the whole family, making cheese when there was an abundance. I live in a town now but still continue with goats’ milk as it is available to buy in the shops. I learnt that cows’ milk is difficult for humans to digest as it is designed for a cow, a large animal with a different digestive system.  The goat is a familiar size to a human, and therefore the milk more acceptable to our digestive system.

I have heard about other cases of very bad child eczema, which has been relieved by avoiding cows’ milk and changing to goats’ milk.

My grandson (2 years old) loves his Delamere goat called ‘sparky’, thank you!

Joyce Jones

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