Goats' milk helped me through breast cancer

My name is Alison Costigan and 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  My sister was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the same time and my mother was diagnosed 10 years ago and was given 9 months to live at the time.  My mother is still with us albeit poorly but very cheerful.

I was introduced to goat's milk by my partner who has drunk goat's milk for many years.  He said that it was better for me in respect of my digestive system, which I had a lot of problems with before the cancer and during the chemotherapy.  I was always taking medicines for an upset stomach but since taking goat's milk my stomach has been so much better and I hardly have any trouble with it at all now.  Another reason for taking goat's milk is that there is no estrogen in it and as my cancer was estrogen receptive, the goat's milk is better for me.  I am much better now but it has been a struggle over the past couple of year's but both myself and my sister are getting stronger every day.

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