Goats' milk cured my sons runny nose


I breastfed my son (now 26 months old) and he wouldn't take formula.  When it came to weaning him, I still fed him but introduced cows milk for cereal etc.  He suffered constantly with runny noses for which the doctor had no answer despite many visits.  I got concerned when I realised how much it was affecting him - he would try and play, but need an adult interrupting every couple of minutes to wipe his nose. 

Then he started to wipe his nose on his sleeve and you could see how frustrated he was getting.  A friend recommended we try goats milk, which we did, and the runny noses stopped almost immediately.  The milkman will deliver goats milk, so we just get some delivered along with cows milk, so it is no real problem.


That's why we have goats milk!


Tracy Page - mother to Fred

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