Delamere Dairy takes its impact on the environment very seriously and as the global population grows, and the demand for nutritious food increases, we continue to do so. Delamere farms have made a commitment to using alternative energy sources, with some farms already using wind and solar power. Improving battery technology to take farms off grid is also on the agenda. Delamere is looking to reduce its carbon footprint by lowering CO2 emissions on farm. One such initiative is the introduction of in-feed additives to reduce methane production. Investment in home grown cereals for feed will limit the requirement for outsourced feed.

All of the farms supplying goats’ milk to Delamere are Red Tractor Assured, to give consumers peace of mind that their food is responsibly produced, traceable and safe. Delamere Dairy operates a strict, independently monitored, Farm Assurance and Welfare Code which means the milk comes from healthy, content animals. Delamere farmers are keen to be recognised for the high standards they achieve, they are passionate about their sector, progressive and keen to drive the industry forward.

Watch our video below on Delamere’s commitment to the environment.