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Grave news from Darfur – urgent help is needed

The situation in Darfur is grave.  UN FAO reports state that nearly a quarter of the children in remote villages in Darfur are acutely malnourished.    Without medical help many will not be alive by Christmas, yet there has been no call for disaster relief by the international community because the main aid agencies are no  longer in the region.   “It fills me with dread to think how many parents are watching their children die, right now” says our CEO Patricia Parker.  “Many will now be at risk from simple infections which they are too weak to resist.   What is tragic is that something can be done, if only people would help.”

Kids for Kids are doing all we can.  We introduce a package of basic grassroots projects aimed at helping individual families to feed and support  their children including our key Goat Loan project, and help the whole community with first aid training, village midwives, agricultural training and veterinary care.  We try to adopt as many villages as possible each year.  To date there are 78 Kids for Kids’ Villages all of which are doing well.   Leaders tell us there is no malnutrition in any of our villages.

This year we have adopted 8 villages, 3 more than originally planned.  “I was determined to help as many children as possible” said Patricia “and thankfully donations have been coming in steadily.  It looks as if we will be on course to introduce all our projects on time.”

Because children died of malaria in all the villages that applied to Kids for Kids to be adopted in 2015 we devoted the funds from our Ambassadors’ Ball, held in London in October, to buying mosquito nets for all 36 villages.   “It is the little ones who succumb first.    Children in every village are malnourished and have little resilience to withstand high fever” said Patricia “Although we do not have the funds to introduce all our projects to this number of villages,  I am delighted to tell you that I have already started ordering mosquito nets for every one of those families.  If only we could do more.”

Kids for Kids is doing as much as we can in the face of unimaginable need.  The more support we have, the more help we can give.  “Sadly, for some of these children it is already too late” said Patricia.

$62 / £38 provides a goat for milk, to save a starving child

$42 / £25 provides a blanket, to keep children warm at night

$25 / £16 provides 2 mosquito nets, to save children from malaria

$95 / £60 provides a donkey to carry water

$372 / £228 provides 6 goats for a family – a chance of survival and hope for the future.

Thank you.

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